REP, The Register of Exercise Professionals

THPT Trainers share Tamsyn's philosophy of training for a fulfilling lifestyle with a balance between pure performance, well-being and fun.

They have studied under the leading bodies in the health and fitness industry and are certified advanced trainers as well as being well trained in the THPT program.

Tamsyn Hamilton

Tamsyn founded THPT in 2006 and has developed a versatile and inspiring training method, customised to her clients’ individual goals - whether that is weight loss, sports performance, general well-being, or future-proofing one's body...

Tamsyn has always had a keen interest in sports and overall fitness, competing in athletics, kickboxing and horse riding. She also experienced the importance and pressures of maintaining a good aesthetic physique first hand, during her early modeling career.

Now after years of research and working on the people that matter (her clients!), she has successfully formulated the THPT program which works by looking at the person as whole to achieve the results that so often have escaped her clients in the past.

During her fitness training in Los Angeles, Tamsyn discovered a passion for finding the perfect balance between exercise, nutrition and well-being via a targeted, holistic approach – and with the focus always on achieving one’s goals. This desire led her to creating THPT.

Tamsyn is based in London, and also works Internationally on location work. She has a degree in Human Science BSc (Hons) and is qualified as the highest-level personal trainer at the UK REPS (Register for Exercise Professionals)

Freddie McGovern

Freddie 'No Mercy' McGovern is a strong man with a big heart.

Always keen to increase intensity and push you to your limits – Freddie draws inspiration from his extensive contact and combat sports experience including American Football, Rugby and Judo. If he looks familiar, it is because he has been a Gladiator TV finalist, no mean feat! Freddie is a British Amateur Weight Lifting Association certified coach and has an array of varied qualifications including spin, exercise prescription for fat loss and energetic body pump circuits.

Equally, Freddie is quick to show his sincere compassion and interest for others. Wanting to share his belief in the virtue of sport science with a younger audience, as well as enthusiastically taking care of all of his THPT clients, he has also embarked into Sport Education Study and is currently coaching at two inner-city London schools.

In Freddie's own words, "if you want to look hot, I'm your man" and over the past 11 years, he has delivered time and time again on that promise.

Niel Chambers

The list of achievements Niel has helped people reach is very long indeed... from marathons to extreme challenges, from sustainable injury recovery to future-proofing your body...

He is enthusiastic and pays attention to all the little details that make the body work better and harder, leading to great performance, healthy physique and boosted confidence!

Thanks to his experience and knowledge of fitness (he has been a Lecturer at the Academy of Sports Therapy) and his bag of tools and technique (including his famous VIPR), Niel delivers time and time again.

He is extremely passionate about his work as a personal trainer and truly cares about helping others achieve their goals, mainly through hard work and education.

Laetitia Guyot

East meets West... care and combativity... fun and sweat... Here comes Laetitia. From her travels around the world, Laetitia brought back a unique fusion of her two passions - Taekwondo and Yoga – devising fun sessions and ever changing routines.

Heir to the long tradition of martial arts in France, Laetitia holds a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo and has taught it in Paris in the school she ran. She progressively took on yoga, initially as a way to relax and heal her body from sparring competitions and culminating with her certification with the Yoga Alliance obtained at the Studio Surya Yoga in Venice Beach, California.

Now based in London, Laetitia enjoys meeting its vibrant people and help them take care of their bodies and reach extreme happiness!

Paul Logan

Paul is a boxing and Thai boxing coach who specializes in getting his clients fighting fit using international and professional drills. In his 15+ years of coaching, he has worked with every level of boxer from novice through to white collar boxers and world champions.

Most recently, he has coached a successful white collar team in the 'Hong Kong Corporate Fight League', together with the Commonwealth Gold medalist boxer Matthew Corbett; and trained World champion Muay Thai fighter Soisci Porchetta to refine her boxing technique.

His passion is teaching boxing skills to non-fighters, who are looking for an exciting new way to workout. "The myth that you have to spar or get hit to do boxing is simply not true; you can enjoy pretty much all of the benefits of boxing - getting into the shape of your life, relieving stress and hitting and moving like a champion - without ever getting hit."

Paul is also the author of the soon to be released book "The 6-Week Boxer" and "Mobile Boxing Coach" iPod App. Currently based in Asia, Paul is proud to be part of the THPT International Team.

If you think you have what it takes to be a THPT trainer and are based in the UK, Paris or NYC, then drop us a line at