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Time to Unwind – [20% off for THPTers]

Finding the time to unwind….

Caroline Dapré has been practising Complementary Therapies since 2004.  Having previously worked in broadcasting and events for 10 years, she has a keen awareness of the numerous ways in which a demanding job and busy lifestyle can affect your health and well-being.

Your THPT sessions give you a great feeling – both physically and mentally.  You know the benefits you get from exercising and getting through a challenging workout.  Perhaps the idea of lying on a massage couch, tucked up comfortably in warm towels and being encouraged to relax and ‘switch off’ from everything around you feels… well, lazy?

However, it is this ‘down’ time that is so important for our body, mind and overall well-being.  A relaxing massage, administered with long, slow, firm strokes (note: relaxing doesn’t have to mean light and feathery!) will encourage your heart rate to gradually slow; allow your blood pressure to gently lower, just a little; and give your body the signal that it’s time to relax.  As your treatment progresses, the fascia and soft tissue that’s intertwined throughout your whole body is satisfyingly kneaded and stretched; deep static pressures give relief from those ‘knots’ that you just can’t get to yourself.  Added to all of this is the boost that your lymphatic and circulatory systems get – eliminating waste from the muscles that you’ve been working so hard, and stimulating the supply of freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients.

By the end of your 1 hour treatment you should feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world.  Or, if you’ve had an evening treatment at home – then perhaps your bed!

To book a Relaxing, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage with Caroline, please contact her direct.

All THPTers will receive a 20% discount off their first appointment. 

Just let Caroline know you are one of the gang and chillllllllllllllllllll :)

My favourite is when Caroline comes to home and I get to totally zen out on some ‘me time’ and straight after flop into bed…



Caroline Dapré (ITEC CThA) – Tel: 07973 887520 /  -

Caroline is an ITEC qualified registered Massage Therapist who works both privately and within a large London NHS hospital.  She can offer appointments at clients’ homes (north of the river – evenings and weekends), and at a comfortable treatment room in NW5 (Mondays 2 – 7pm).


Top Tips For Glowing Skin – [20% Off for THPTers]

I am always striving to work with knowledgeable specialists who are passionate about what they do. Recently I was lucky enough to meet Dawn Thien. Dawn is a holistic beauty therapist with over twenty years experience. She has done heaps of research into the most natural yet effective products on the market. She specialises in facials and her signature treatments use the most beneficial natural techniques and the highest quality plant based products.

Dawn’s Three Top Tips for glowing skin:

1, Routine. Keep your beauty regime simple. Too many products can cause over-stimulation and skin sensitivity. Be thorough in cleansing but make sure you are using the most suitable product for your skin. For example, a heavy cleansing balm that needs to be removed with a cloth and lots of water may be excellent for a dull lifeless complexion but too aggressive for a sensitive skin.

2, Skin Brushing. This is one of the best things you can do for your skin and has a positive effect on your whole system. It improves circulation, detoxifies, exfoliates and reduces fluid retention. Done every day it will help maintain good health and your skin will feel amazing! And it’s simple to do… Use a brush with medium bristles and brush towards the heart using long, light strokes (women should avoid the breast area).

3, Boring but true. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure a glowing skin.  A nutritious diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep are the secrets to looking great.

To book one of Dawn’s signature treatments please contact her direct.

 All THPTers will receive 20% their first visit. 

Just let Dawn know you are one of the gang and bliss out!


Yoga at Home

During our extended break this Easter – I took the opportunity to visit some of the THPT members who’s more permanent homes are in Los Angeles.  Whilst there, I also had a few days to myself which I was lucky enough to spend with Steven Espinosa. Now as many of you know although I am happy to and often do recommend yoga practice for its many beneficial mind and body effects – I am certainly no major yogi…through many years of progressing my practice one thing is clear, finding the right teacher is key. Steven is quite simply one of the best, his anatomical knowledge is astounding and his ability to intuitively help you develop in your practice is excellent. He is a joy. So for those of you on the West Coast I would definitely recommend you trying out a session– those of you elsewhere in the world do not despair as you can now have Steven teach you at home.

Check him out and become part of his L.A class even in a rainy London or humid Hong Kong

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