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Here Comes the Sun!

We are fully into the summer break and we want to wish you all fabulous holidays!

You have worked very hard through the first part of the year and now deserve a well earned rest but as you know at THPT we love the term ‘active rest’….. So while popping those feet up on your sun lounger and sipping some bubbles, don’t forget your well-being would enjoy some movement too.  Change it up while on holiday, hit the pool, the water skis, the mountains, or go for a brisk bare foot beach stroll.

Be inspired by some of our younger THPT members – THPT coach Niel in Ibiza can’t help but inspire our newest recruit:

Never too young to be inspired to start THPTing!

Try out new equipment and techniques:

And most of all, like THPT Manager Tessa’s son, Rory, if in doubt determination will get you those goals!

We look forward to welcoming you back revitalised and sun-kissed in September.  Bring it on. Enjoy your me time, your family time and some sunshine!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

T x

Truly Inspirational!

What is the secret ingredient to achieving your goals?  What does it take to achieve those things that have alluded you?

The Answer: the right team, talent and darn hard work!

Watch and learn…

Andy Murray – The Man Behind The Racquet

Congratulations to Andy and his fabulous team.  A particular mention to conditioning coach Matt Little and physio-marvel Mark Bender who some of you have had the pleasure of working with at Beyond Health.

Be inspired to focus and achieve your goals!


Who said walking was a stroll in the park?

What better way to spend a Saturday than to rise early, head out to the countryside (OK St Albans) and smash your physical THPT goal for the season?

Well that is exactly what three of out THPT-ers did last weekend!

Huge congratulations to Pauline, Maryam, Amit and Frances who took on the St Albans hilly half marathon.

Pauline smashed her Personal Best on an extremely challenging course and raced over the line.  Crossing the line moments after, despite it being a particularly tough course, Amit, Maryam and Frances all did themselves proud on their very first speed walk event.

Each THPT-er put the training hours in and pushed themselves to deliver their best performance on the day and it paid off!

For those of you that want to avoid the impact of running try out some Speed Walking – it is far tougher than it looks.  If you can keep up with our guys then you know you are doing well!

Some THPT-ers have already signed up for the next Speed Walk in London in September.  If you care to join in just give us a shout …

We will make it happen!






We are half way through the year already!

Hey Guys

Wow it’s June already – we are half way and it is a good time to take stock of how we are doing with the objectives for this year?!

Remember in January I asked you to come up with 3 things that if added to your life  it would make for a better year?  Now is a good time to have a think and see how you are progressing with those thoughts – are they being realised or do they need some more focus?

One of our THPT-ers has just hit her goal! This year she wanted to be fitter and challenge herself in a tough physical event.  Huge congratulations to Penny who last weekend completed her first Triathlon with Human Race supported by her brother and a great team of cheer leaders :)

A couple of years ago Penny suffered a severe break to her ankle whilst skiing.  Through sheer hard work and persistence, along with a great attitude, she has rehabilitated the injury site and continues to achieve goal after goal. Proving no injury has to hold you back.

Well done Penny the whole THPT Team is super proud of you for completing the gruelling Dorney Lake Triathlon in your target time!

Guys if you need any help in achieving your goals or your butt kicked to motivate you to be your best, you know where we are, just give us a

We will make it happen!

Welcome to 2013!

What shall be New for you this year?

I am not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions as they always seem a bit of a chore and often have been made and broken once or twice in years before.

However what I am a big fan of is thinking – what can I include in my life this year that may improve my lifestyle? The rules around this being – you have to choose something fun and something you want to do! As you think about the year ahead, think about what you could add to make it an even better year and this should bode well too for boosting your mood and your well being :)

And please please please remember the most important thing for putting your best ‘foot’, ‘thigh’ and ‘or pert butt cheek’ forward in January….a good new years mantra….

‘I’ll only fail if I give up’ !

Quitting isn’t the result of failure, it’s the cause. Everything else, all the mistakes, the pain – is part of the road to success! Every workout completed, nutritious meal eaten and obstacle overcome counts towards achieving your end goal.

When you decide to put healthier habits into practice, especially after an indulgent festive holiday, it can feel hard work and as you are human you will naturally from time to time not be perfect! But what will separate you from the those that don’t make their new years resolutions stretch to February 2013 0r even January 2014 is we will not let you give up! Visualize what you want to say this time next year about yourself and everyday take one step closer to being it.

Bring on 2013, choose to make it your year! May it be your best year yet!

See you soon :)


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