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A huge well done to those of you that have taken great steps in January to get yourselves back on track after the holidays – rechecking discipline, setting new goals and fuelling more consciously for a great year ahead.

I particularly love it when science helps support what our THPT-ers already know.  This time looking at what is the modern day culprit Sugar or Fat?

To find out click below to watch this BBC documentary:

Of course we know that before any nutrient can be held to blame the first thing we can do to help ourselves is to take responsibility.
We are here to help you do that, no excuses, let’s make it happen!

Fabulous Fashionistas!

I don’t mean to sound like Beyonce, but this is really one where I am calling all my ladies!!!

Please take the time out to watch this documentary (click on image above). All too often when I take a consultation with someone and we discuss fitness levels throughout life, generally, no matter the age of the person that I am chatting with, they will think fondly back in time of a moment of their younger self. How refreshing would it be to appreciate yourself in the here and now and look forward to what is to come? I am not dressing up ageing, but all too often I think it gets a bad rep. There are parts of it that are inevitable and not enjoyable, but so much of it can be put down to perspective and spirit.  This documentary looks at some truly beautiful and active women in their 80s! My mum introduced me to this documentary and one thing she has in common with these women is a zest for life and regular activity as part of her lifestyle. Take the time to watch and then have a think about how much you have to look forward to as the very best version of you, a beautiful woman who knows something about the world and is kick-ass.
Thanks for the inspiration mum :)

Have a wonderful week all!

Tams x

Challenging the Health Myths

At THPT we work with smart intelligent people that want to achieve their goals. Often we find that despite their best endeavours they have information overload from reading as much as possible about health and well-being and getting bombarded with so many conflicting theories and advice on the best things to do for their health. Our team constantly works to debunk health myths and simplify the information to make it user-friendly and something achievable in our modern day lives helping each member of our team reach their optimum – the very best version of themselves!

Someone-else who has endeavoured to do the same thing is the rather lovely Dr Michael Mosley (famed for bringing the now very popular ’5:2 fasting regime’ and the science behind it to the wider public’s attention) . He now has a brilliant new series called “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” which works to challenge health claims while looking at the science and theories behind them.

That’s not to say there is not another side or another valid opinion on the subject matters they cover to consider but it helps clear up the science behind many a health myth.

If you do one extra thing to improve your well being this week why not add this to your viewing pleasure afterall knowledge is power!

Speak soon T

Be the Best Possible Version of You!

This is the bottom line of what we work so hard to achieve with each and every one of the THPT team  - it goes for you too!

I wanted to use something for this week’s blog  to inspire us all and for me Kamal puts it best…


Work hard, play hard and have a fantastic week :)


Science says THPT is good for you!

Hey guys -

As you know we are always are keen to keep up to date with the latest developments in the health and fitness industry. Often we hear of new fad diets or gimmicks which can quickly be dismissed as just that. However what we are interested in is encouraging you to be the ‘best version of you’ and how you incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle.

With the arrival of spring we often get a renewed oomph to notch our training up a gear, if you needed any more of a kick let the scientists explain to you how THPT is good for you inside and out:

Watch : The Truth About Exercise

There are lessons to be learnt here, but also debated…..the first one of you that tells me you only need 20seconds on the bike is up for an extra 10 push ups!

Enjoy the sunshine :)


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