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For those of you doing the THPT Cleanse – try and add some of these foods to your meals and snacks this week to give yourself a real boost…..

APPLES– vit c: immune boost, quercetin antioxidant: anti-carcinogenic, pectin: lower cholesteral & fibre for intestine & bowel

AVOCADOS – vit e & alphacarotene antioxidants: prevent furring of arteries & heart disease, monounsaturated fat: lowers cholesterol, omega 6 fats: promote healthy skin

BEANS & LENTILS – protein & complex carbs: sustained energy, sterols (plant compounds) & soluble fibre: lower cholesterol, vits B, magensium, zinc, iron

BROCCOLI – as well as cauliflower, cabbage, brussell sprouts and spinach: powerful detoxifiers. Phytonutrients called glucosinolates: anti-carcinogenic especially bowel, breast, lungs, liver

CARROTS – alphacarotene and betacarotene antioxidants: boost immunity, promote healthier skin, good eyesight, protect against lung cancer

FENNEL – high potassium content: helps rebalance the body’s fluid levels, stimulates body’s natural detoxifying organs including the liver, good for digestive system

GARLIC – allicin antioxidant: protects from heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesteral levels and colon cancer. Also binds with toxins in the body to render them harmless and promote excretion. It also has antiviral and antibacterial actions (A REAL SUPER FOOD!)

KIWI – vit c antioxidant: fights cancer and potential harmful free radicals. Boosts immune system and strengthens blood vessels

MANGO – betacarotene and vit c antioxidants: ward off colds, reduce cancer and heart disease risks. Also good sourse of vit e, fibre and potassium

PUMPKIN SEEDS – omega 3 & omega 6: both protect against stroke and heart disease. Omega 3: reduce joint pain, stiffness improve immunity and promote healthy skin

STRAWBERRIES – vit c & ellagic acid: powerful anti-cancer effects, boost immunity and fights free radicals

WATERCRESS – chlorophyll: makes healthy blood cells and boost circulation, boost levels of detoxifying enzymes in the liver


Enjoy being good to your body and happy eating!


Cleanse for Summer

Hello Team, it’s 1st June, that time again when we want to get ready and be our best  for Summer and there is no better time than now to take action.  Let us all start the 10 Day THPT Cleanse today and start to feel good.  Some of you may have enjoyed this cleanse before, others may be trying something new but here is a list of the rules to get you going….

10 Day THPT Cleanse

We have spoken about your food recommendations in the past and the same rules still apply, by learning how to eat the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat with every meal and snack, you’ll help keep your hormone levels within a healthy level. This is something that we continue to work on, but to give the body a bit of a boost and regain a concentrated focus on our fuel intake we can opt for a cleanse.

What we are not talking about is the growing number of potions and tablets that now offer a quick-fix way to detox your body without considering your food intake. There are no processed milkshake ‘foods’ or bizarre mixtures of foods or only cabbage soup. What is involved is fresh produce available from supermarkets or already in your cupboard or fridge. There is no need to buy anything from specialist shops.

Detoxing can last anything from one weekend to a whole month, it is designed to eliminate the build-up of waste left-overs in your body and also boost the body’s natural detoxification process so it can function more effectively in future.

This is not a ‘hard-core’ elimination and overhaul of your current eating pattern, it is just designed to refocus your attention on what you are fueling your body with. It will take some effort and some planning, but hopefully nothing too strenuous or so far away from what you are already doing that it proves to be a ‘stress’. Detoxing is not about starving yourself, its about eating healthily and enjoying tasty meals that help your natural system work properly and balance your body. It means limiting the amount of toxins you consume and eating instead nutritious food.


This is about eating nutrient packed fresh food and ditching processed foods, sugar, salt and additives. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre in fresh food restore your body to peak health, aid digestion and boost immunity.


  1. Fresh Fruit
  2. Vegetables
  3. Salad
  4. Unrefined non-wheat cereals – wholegrain (brown) rice, oats, millet, quinoa, rye, buckwheat
  5. Non-wheat bread – rye bread, wheat-free, pumpernickel
  6. Non-wheat pasta – corn, millet or rice pasta
  7. Beans, Lentils, peas
  8. Tofu, quorn
  9. Non-dairy milk – soya, rice, oat, almond, sesame milk
  10. Nuts – almonds, hazelnut, brazil, pecans
  11. Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, ground flaxseeds (linseeds)
  12. Extra virgin olive oil, rapeseed, walnut, flaxseed (linseed) or sesame oil
  13. Cold pressed oil blends containing a mixture of omega 3 rich and omega 6 rich oils (Especially if NOT eating FISH)
  14. Fresh herbs
  15. Water, herbal or fruit tea, pure fruit juice.


(Some people prefer to do a strict vegetarian/vegan detox, if you opt for this please ensure you calculate that you are eating enough protein. If you are not opting for the vegetarian option please feel free to enclose the following:)

Low-fat yoghurt and fromage frais

Cottage cheese or other low fat cheeses

Wholegrain breakfast cereals

Chicken, turkey and lean meat

White fish and oily fish



  1. Coffee, tea and other caffeine drinks (including decaffeinated drinks)
  2. Dairy products – milk, cheese, yoghurt or cream (except as advised in optional)
  3. Sugar
  4. Cakes, biscuits, confectionary
  5. Red meat
  6. Wheat bread, pasta, noodles, crackers
  7. White rice
  8. Ready Meals
  9. Salt
  10. ALCOHOL (the biggest yet most difficult social culprit)
  11. Artificial food additives
  12. Fried foods
  13. Artificial sweeteners
  14. Hydrogenated fats
  15. Fizzy drinks (yes! That does include Champers!)
  16. Squash and cordials

I will be in touch with with Top Detox foods that should help you along the way. Remember this should help you process better and improve your discipline.

I am with you every step of the way!

Good luck



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